The comic is called A Little Left to Learn
You can find it HERE! at www.alittlelefttolearn.com
Or on instagram @alittlelefttolearn
Number of comics as of Jan 2024 = 1785

Rated PG18 for: nudity, profane language, and subversive content
What can I say, the comics reflect life in all its glory.

Right now the Holiday fridges are adorned with pieces of paper covered in scribbles and stick figures.

Josh and Green River fridge 2022 (pay no attention to the hot huji summer ‘98 filter)

It’s the comics! They feature fresh river guide news and important information such as:


Sometimes the comics teach you how to make decisions as a river guide:

Drake: “Where does our dream kitchen go?”
Colin: “Right there in front of our dream boats.”

A comic can even help you learn a new language:

River guide translation: “Brarsh my tarphs!” = brush my teeth

A Little Left to Learn was established as a website on the thirteenth of February 2016. There was zero fanfare. Because I didn’t tell anyone. I was seven months into a masters in computer science and living in my parents basement in Columbus, GA. I was losing my mind. There had to be some way to express the absurdity of existence and stay sane in this godforsaken town. Thus, A Little Left to Learn was born. The name came about because I wanted something that would be true for a long time, would be open to make comics about anything, and sounded good. I like all the L’s. I didn’t tell anyone about it and committed silently to myself that I would make a comic every day for a year at least and then see.

My one rule when I started this was that I had to draw a comic every day. Even if it wasn’t even funny or the drawing was horrible. My other rule was that I wasn’t going to spend a lot of time on these because I knew if I thought about it too much or tried to make it good I wouldn’t do it. Low standards are amazing. I did it, I made a drawing for every day that year. It became a game to find at least one funny thing a day. 

The best part is looking back and seeing funny things I don’t remember even happening! And you know, anyone can make them. You can make one right now. All you have to do is write down some funny thing that someone said and then draw some stick figures with it. Maybe some little scribbly trees or something. You have a comic. It would be awesome if everyone made them because then we would have even more funny things to remember.

I like to remember the funny things that people say because people are so amazing and casually badass! UGA, Alta, SLC fam, UM Arts, Lost Trail, Holiday and on….Thank you to every person who has made my life better. It makes me really happy that people say they like the comics and it keeps me making them. I love it when someone hollers, “that should be a comic!”

Looking back, it seems like the drawings started as a way for me to collect the good things in the day – to teach my brain to filter for laughter in a time when I was feeling pretty lost and lonely. Over time though I found myself with more people and in communities. The drawings became a way to appreciate the awesomeness of the people around me. Drawing the comics has become a way to celebrate the tiny magical hilarious things that happen as a part of everyday existence. And to make some good fart jokes.

Thanks for reading.
Love, Michelle Postma